Electrical Utilities

Canada’s leading manufacturer of Fiberglass , Transformer Pads, Trench Covers and Aerial Markers

Fibreglass Transformer Pads

SCTL manufactures a wide range of transformer pads that are engineered and designed to handle the weight and dimensional footprint of most transformers, switchgears, generators and CSTEs used in the electrical utility market.

SCTL also has the engineering capabilities to design and manufacture custom bases that can handle larger and heavier cabinets, ideal for remote locations where accessibility is limited.

Fibreglass pads are highly UV and weather resistant – not affected by sunlight, moisture or extreme temperatures

Corrosion Resistance
Resistant to a broad range of substances including chloride-Ion, sulphate, salt water and soil

High Strength
Very high strength-to-weight ratio compared to concrete and metal

Location and size of structural beams, sidewall configuration, cabinet cable opening location, colour, etc.

Fibreglass pad weighs up to 10-times less than a comparable concrete utility pad

Surface Finish
Boasts a level, smooth top surface and sidewalls

Shipping Efficiency
Low weight and the ability to stack units allows numerous pads to be  transported in a single shipment

Easy Installation
Dig, level and place pad, coil wire in pad cavity, backfill pad, install utility box – it’s that simple!

Low Electrical Conductivity
FRP is not electrically conductive

High EMI & RFI Transparency
Does not contribute to electromagnetic or radio frequency interference

Low Life Cycle Cost
Composite materials typically exhibit a  very long service life and are virtually maintenance free

  • Fiberglass Vaults for pad mounted electrical and communication distribution cabinets
  • 3 phase transformers
  • Single Phase Transformers
  • Switchgears
  • CSTE’s

Fibreglass Transformer Pad Risers and Cabinets

SCTL manufactures fibreglass transformer pad risers that are a cost-effective solution to increase the height of any existing concrete or fibreglass transformer pad that has gone below ground level. These risers can be custom engineered to meet most concrete and fibreglass transformer pad dimensions and load requirements.

Fibreglass Risers
No need to replace an entire transformer vault that has sunk below ground level , add a fiberglass riser to the existing concrete or fibreglass transformer vault

Fibreglass Communication Cabinets
Light weight , sturdy and durable non–conductive communication cabinets


Provides additional height on existing concrete or fibreglass transformer vaults

Custom designed Fibreglass cabinets, that are light weight, durable and easy to install, for any communication, and electrical requirement

Fibreglass Trench Covers

SCTL manufactures fibreglass trench covers for a wide range of applications, including pedestrian and H20/H20S ratings. These trench covers can be customized to fit any configuration of new or replacement covers. Designed with a grit top for non-slip safety, they are a light-weight, durable and long-lasting alternative to concrete or steel.

Easy installation by a single person
Safer handling less injury

Strong & Durable
Made to last and won’t break or crack

Fire Resistant
Made with fire retardant resin systems

Low conductivity
Safe in electrical substations

Custom sizes and plans
Fits most trench sizes, and can  accommodate bowed concrete walls.Can have a peak to allow snow and water runoff

Grit top
Safe from slipping

Cost savings
No constant replacement needs, last for many years

H-20/ HS-20 ratings
Designed to handle the heaviest loads

  • Standardized Engineered fiberglass trench covers for trench’s and cable race ways, where existing concrete or polymer concrete trench covers are too heavy or they have broken, chipped or worn down
  • We have H20 heavy load rated Trench Covers and pedestrian rated Trench Covers
  • We manufacture Trench Covers that can be customized to meet our clients load and specific design requirements no matter how challenging

Fibreglass Aerial Markers

SCTL manufactures aerial ball and cone markers designed for easy installation. They are color coated to meet high-visibility navigational requirements and are protected with a UV-resistant gel coat . The aerial cone markers can be manufactured with attachment  hardware that suits each individual requirement.

Easy installation

Durable & Low Maintenance
Long Lasting –no need for replacement

Color Coded High Visibility
Meet High Visibility Navigational requirements

Adaptable for all line hardware
Will meet your hardware requirements including Charpy

Ball Markers are designed with clamping style closure
Provides ease of installation and prevents slipping

Low Conductivity
Safe handling and Installation

Variable Sizing
Cones come in 18” or 30”

Custom Designed
Adaptable air vents

UV Resistant
Long Lasting color under extreme element and temperature ranges

  • Designed for easy installation in all environments
  • Designed for long lasting no maintenance requirements
  • Ball markers are designed with line hardware that is easily attached in all positions
  • Aerial Cones are designed with client specific line hardware – we can adapt the cone to whatever you are currently using for line attachment

Fibreglass Gates & Fences

SCTL Fabricates fibreglass fence panels and gates that can eliminate the need for grounding and the use of copper wire. The fence panels and gates are designed for maximum security and can range from industrial to ornamental designs.

Corrosion Resistant
Excellent in any environment

Low in Conductivity
No grounding, no digging, no copper wire required, no copper theft

Electromagnetic & Radio Frequency Transparent
No EMI or RFI Interference

Low Maintenance
No wear on wood or steel parts, no painting , no replacing wooden slats

High Strength
High strength-to-weight ratio compared with metal and wood

Ease of Installation

Life-Cycle Costs
Saving on installation costs. Saving on maintenance. Savings from not digging and grounding. Savings due to no vandalism and no copper wire theft

Customized climbing deterrent

  • Architectural to Industrial designs for when non-conductive and security fencing is required
  • A great alternative to wood as non-conductive fencing will last decades with no maintenance required