Industrial Fiberglass


SCTL has been manufacturing chemical tanks since 1961, and some of these tanks are still in use today. We have the expertise to design custom to your needs. If you are looking for a mix tank, we can design the tank to support the agitator. We can ship tanks up to 18’  in diameter in one piece and tanks up to 40’ in diameter in sections that we can assemble on site.


SCTL can build covers of any size. Our engineering team can design covers for both round and rectangular tanks up to 120’ in diameter or across.


Fiberglass Ducting is an efficient way of addressing corrosive air and keeping the installation costs down due to its light weight. This also puts less stress on the support structure.


Fiberglass pipe is perfect for those highly corrosive areas and can range from 1” to 36” diameter with a PSI rating as high as 150. We can pre-spool it in our shop or send a crew to site to build right in its location.

FRP Grating and Platforms

If you are looking for a lightweight platform or grating that is corrosive resistant and non-conductive, then FRP will be a solution you may want to consider.  Send us a concept drawing, so we can help you with the most effective cost solution.

FRP Ladders and Handrail

Fiberglass ladders and handrails are light, corrosive resistant, non-conductive and easy to install. We can also make ladders that are NSF approved.

Process Equipment

When you have a unique requirement where you need a launder or DSM screens, FRP can be designed to help you with your solution.  We can line our product with an abrasion-resistant material to address the harsher particulate that can wear down a surface.


SCT has been building and designing stacks for many years. Our experience in the design and manufacturing of stacks is second to none.  We can design, supply and install a lightning-protection system for you as well.


SCT has built scrubbers for all the design houses in the North American market.  Whether it’s a Dynamic or Venturi Scrubber, we can help.

Field Work

SCT has a field crew that can mobilize to site and either assemble or fix vessels right in place. All our field employees have certificates in Confined Space, Harness Training, D&A as well as a CCT certificate (Certified Composites Technician as provided by ACMA). Providing there are no site hold ups, our group is efficient and effective, always coming in under budget.